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Monday, January 01, 2007

Qaisy & Laila

Last night I watched 'Qaisy & Laila' at RTM1. I love it! I wished I had watched it at the cinema and now I'm thinking of buying the VCD. I'm not sure where I was when 'Qaisy & Laila' went to the cinema in 2005. Where was I?

Anyway, I'm glad that Habsah Hassan decided to produced this movie despite the setbacks. Apparently her movie is as good as her song lyrics. I'm also glad that they casted Jehan Miskin and Fazura as the main roles. You guys did it beautifully... really reminds me of the chemistry between Azmil Mustapha and Ogy Ahmad Daud ;) Umie Aida and Radhi Khalid also did really well. I love you guys! This movie has given me hope that one day Malaysian movies will be acknowledged internationally.

Can't wait to watch another Habsah Hassan's movie...

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