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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Al-Fatihah: S Shamsudin

I just found out that S Shamsudin had passed away yesterday.
This is such a sad news.
I grew up watching the Bujang Lapok comedy.
Ramlee, Sudin & Ajis are my favorite comedy characters of all time.
The chemistry between those three were unbeatable.

My favourite is 'Seniman Bujang Lapok'. The movie is hilarious.
To me, until now, there is now better comedy than the Bujang Lapok trilogy.

P. Ramlee had left us for a long time now.
The brightest star in Malaysia film industries.
The most talented star.
Now, S Shamsudin had left us too.
So sad...

I've always loved 'Sudin'. He's a tough guy with a kind heart.

Sudin & Ramlee left us with the sweetest memory of them...
Their comedy never fail to tickle...
No matter how many times we watch it.
No matter how many times we heard the dialog.

Eh apa punya laki? Pasal belacan aje pun ko nak pancung dia?
Eh apa shooo? Engkau sememangnya manusia durjana...

Al-Fatihah for S Shamsudin.
May Allah blesses his soul.


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