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Monday, October 01, 2012

Tennis: Malaysian Open 2012

I got a chance to watch tennis Malaysian Open finals on Sunday, thanks to Miss A. Salleh. I'm not a tennis fan, but I went coz Miss A. Salleh asked me to, it was a free ticket & I've never watched tennis match before. I know nothing about tennis, except the fact that the players are rich & some of them are very hot :p

As I told Miss A.Salleh, my knowledge of tennis players stopped at Boris Becker, Martina Navratilova, Andre Agassi & Steffi Graf...

and of course her jaw dropped... hihihiiii...

For someone like me, who is not a tennis fan, watching tennis is tiring. Although there were some exciting parts. I did enjoy my time during the games. Sometimes, I was more excited than the tennis fan beside me :) But to be honest, there were quite a few times during the games where I asked myself... when is this going to end??? The games seemed to go on forever... 

And my lower back already hurting from sitting too long... (such a weak lower back :p)

But, that is also the part where tennis players impressed me most. They can play for so long... The singles final match lasted for almost 3 hours. Such stamina! 

... and they served at >120km/h everytime! Such strength!

Such an impressive sport!

To tennis players, I salute you for your strength & stamina (not to forget how hot Rafael Nadal is :p).

To tennis fan, I salute your endurance for watching the game :)

I'll go to the game again... if I got free tickets of course. Plus, it is always enjoyable being around sports fans.

They are such a sport!

The score stayed this way for about 20 minutes.

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