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Monday, September 03, 2012

Salmon Fishing in The Yemen, Big Miracle & The Hunter

... are three must watch movies.
... all three movies involved animals...
... salmons, gray whales & a tasmanian tiger.
... all three are touching, motivating & full of values.
... my favorite is 'Salmon Fishing in The Yemen'... it's original, intriguing, sweet, touching, smart, funny etc... it's just wonderful. I didn't fast forward at all. Haven't watched a movie like this in a long time. I love it!
... 'Big Miracle' is based on a very inspiring true story that happened back in 1988. 'There is always something that we can do'. That is so true!
... 'The Hunter' is based on a novel set in Tasmania, Australia. Wonderful landscapes... A movie that sparked my curiosity. But, a little sad.
... movie trailers below, for your preview :)

I'm glad I found the time during my surprisingly productive three days weekend to watch these movies.
Enjoy! I hope you'll love these movies as much as I did :)


Anonymous said...

Hi just wanted to say that I like your article very much. Please keep up the good posts Thanks a ton! and Have a good day

The Sometimes Speechless said...

Hello... Thank you so much, whoever you are. You sure know how to boost my self esteem & keep me motivated :) I appreciate it.

Do come again :)