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Sunday, August 05, 2012

London 2012 is a must visit website for me since Olympic 2012 started. This link is clicked each time with a hope to see an entry there...

That page has been empty each time I clicked it.

But tonight, there is an entry there :) A silver entry by Dato' Lee Chong Wei from the Badminton arena.

All of us were hoping for a gold. Malaysians are disappointed when Lin Dan snatched the gold medal from all of us. But, watching the way Dato' Lee Chong Wei played tonight, the disappointment doesn't feel that heavy. He has tried his best. He is the best to us.

We'll get that gold next time :)

I just hope the newspapers won't write anything negative tomorrow. If they do, I would say it's just so typical of them... and maybe we should send them to compete in the Olympics & see how they performed... Urrghhh...

Dato' Lee Chong Wei, CONGRATULATIONS! We love you!


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