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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Becoming Indiana Jones :P


Just a crazy dream... but it's either Indiana Jones or the sexy lady of the series 'Relic Hunter'. Hahahahaaa...

Well, I love travelling and adventures. Not too much adventure coz I don't think I'm prepared for it. Otherwise I'll be the guy in 'Man vs Wild' :)

The places that I've visited:
Not as many as my friends, but for myself I consider that is quite a lot. I've been to:
- Malaysia: All states *wink*
- Thailand: Bangkok+Phuket
- Indonesia:Bali
- Singapore: Whole island
- Cambodia: Siem Reap+Phnom Penh
- Australia: Melbourne+Perth
- UK:London+Egham+Reading

Hmmmmm... not that many ya? Looks like I have to plan for more travels in the future. Whenever $$$ and time and health and commitments permits.

Why do I love travelling?

For me, basically because I want to see things with my very own eyes :) We see a lot of things on TV. Amazing, beautiful and almost alien landscapes, different & 'weird' cultures, great history, great civilizations &
architectures from ancient times, extreme weather, great flora & fauna, much more modern & developed countries... Whenever I see all this, I wonder... is this true? Does this really exist? Do people really do or eat those things? Are people really that different?

I want to see & experience ALL this. Because for me, travelling, no matter to where and no matter how short, is an eye opener and always an educational experience.

It's a wonderful & refreshing way to get out of my normal and daily routine.

How do I travel?
Most of the times... budget, backpacking and free & easy. The only time I follow travel agent, was when I went to Phuket with my mom & her friends. Actually, that's not bad. But not as adventurous as free & easy :P

Where else do I want to go?

The whole world! Huhuhuhuuuu...
Among my wishlist:
-> Egypt : Pyramids+Nile River+Red Sea
-> India : Taj Mahal, Agra + Jaipur
-> Peru : Machu Pichu
-> Australia: Christmas Island (Red Crab Migration)+Cocos Island
-> Iceland : Aurora light
-> Greenland : Igloo (Do they still live in igloo?)

-> France :
Eiffel Tower+Millau Bridge
-> Borobudur - Jogjakarta (soon, I hope)
-> England : Stonehedge+Castles+Lochness monster??? heheheee...
-> Bhutan
-> Nepal : The Himalayas
-> Mongolia
-> China : Great Wall+Terracotta Warriors+Forbidden City+Guilin
-> Morocco
-> Easter Island
-> Yemen : Socotra Islands
-> Italy : Leaning Tower+Colosseum
-> Austria
-> USA : Adirondack+Yelllowstone+Niagara+Alaska+Grand Canyon+Golden Gate bridge
-> Canada : Prince Edward Island (this is where Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe came from)
-> Arctic & Antartic
-> Venezuela : Angel Falls
-> Mexico : Chichen Itza (pyramid like in South America region)
-> Turkey : Blue Mosque

Uishhh... kalau ikut hati, memang tak duduk rumah. Berjalan jeeeee... heheheeee...

Pray that all my wishes come true ok!

So... do you want to share your travelling dream?

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