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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Super MOM!

This thought crossed my mind almost everyday. Ever since I can remember my days and when I'm not away from home. It becomes clearer during Ramadhan and somehow this year it became crystal! So, I decided to declare my admiration in writing and make it official & public.

My mother is a SUPERWOMAN!

She doesn't need any superpower or much help to do it. She does all these super things by herself. She hardly complains and she always sings. What a wonderful heart she has!
Her superpowers show the most during Ramadhan. She wakes up at least at 4 in the morning to prepare for 'sahur' and then wakes us all up to have 'sahur' together. Her children are all adults. Adults who, as always, find it difficult to wake up so early in the morning. What more to help her with 'sahur' preparation. All we can do to help is wash dishes afterwards. But, she never complained. Just as long as we wake up and eat, that's enough. Her only worry is that her children will not have enough energy during the day. How can someone be so nice?

During the day, she's busy as usual. Going to the market, prepare for break fast in the evening, taking care of the households. I think life as a housewife is very much routine and can be boring. Even though I dream of becoming a housewife, I don't think I can do it so well. Maybe. I think so.
My mother only became a housewife for about 2 years now. Before this, she worked full time. She was even more super at that time. Juggling time, energy and most importantly, heart between family, home and work. But with her busy schedule, she still got time to listen to all our complaints, whines, worries... and she comforted us. She still managed to cope with our mood swings, 'attitude', stubbornness, etc etc... I cannot imagine where she found all the strength to do it. I don't even know how to describe how powerful my mother is.

Perhaps, all mothers are like my mother. I believe there are a lot of great mothers out there. Perhaps, when I became a mother, I'll be someone like her. I don't know for sure. I hope I do. But for now, I only know one great woman, and The Superwoman is my mother.

I wish all mothers out there the strength and willpower to become a great mother. Someone who is always loved, respected, admired and missed by her children and by everyone around her.

To my mother, The Superwoman, I love you very very much! I really don't know what I'll do without you.

*Hugs & Kisses*

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