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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speechless On Being Liberal

I have free time during work today. Not many problems reported and the others are handling them easily, I hope. I'm here to help, but looks like they managing just fine. My other tasks are still waiting for other party to confirm. So, I don't feel so bad about blogging during office hours.

Do I have to justify for my feeling guilty? Heheee...

Today, I'm gonna write about the difficulties I face while striving to become a better muslim and trying to keep my mind as open as I can. It's not easy. I guess I'm now a changed person because one time one of my close friends asked me since when I became a liberal person? I'm not really sure what's the actual meaning of liberal, so I looked it up. I think the closest meaning to my situation according to would be:
1. Open-minded or tolerant, esp. free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc
2. Free from prejudice or bigotry

I'm not sure whether my change to being liberal is a good thing or not. I think it's a good thing because I'm not judgemental as I used to be. This is what I think. Feedback please :)

Anyway, I'm facing a dilemma. Perhaps you can help me balanced myself.

I'm clear about Islamic rules and yes, I support those rules 100%. I also know that I'm not in the position to judge people. I'm only a tiny person. But can you tell me how NOT TO BE JUDGEMENTAL when:

1. A muslim lady wear something that is so tight & small that most of her body parts show even thought she's covering them and when she bent down people can see her undergarments?

2. An unmarried muslim couple does more than holding hands (to clear the fact, this is not allowed)? In fact, they hold each other too close and sometimes I can see the guy placing his hand at a place that he's not suppose to.

3. A muslim drinks alcohol so openly in front of others. It's like they don't feel ashamed, but instead they feel proud because they feel they are 'modernized'.

4. Suddenly I'm exposed to a world unknown to me before this. A world where man with man, woman with woman. Gosh, I'm definitely speechless.

5. Suddenly surprised with the story of a 'muslim' having sexual relationship outside of marriage bond.

I'm in a terrible dilemma. How do I handle this? In the struggle to be open- minded, I can only tolerate little when it comes to Islamic rules. These rules are in place as a control mechanism for all of us, creatures on earth. We've seen the consequences to our societies when these rules were broken.

I'm not a really an obedient muslim. I try to be. But, I also try not to be judgemental. I can shut myself from what's happening, but if shut myself from them, I wouldn't know what's wrong and therefore, how can I help to correct it?

I'm not sure what to do. As of now, I'll keep this struggle to myself. I'll start these wrongs by correcting myself first. I'm sure as I get closer to Islam & Allah, I'll find the solutions to this dilemma.

If you're someone who shares my kind of dilemma, could you kindly share with me your found solutions?

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