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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Fitna of Geert Wilders

If you know arabic, then you'll know that 'Fitna' means false accusation. I wonder whether Mr. Wilders knows the meaning.

What's up with Geert Wilders? Why does he hate (or afraid of) Islam so much? This is really uncomprehendable. For a person who wants to become 'the new leader of the people', he really lacks of respect & charisma. Perhaps, he doesn't have anything good to say about himself or what he plans to do when he becomes 'the leader', so he tries to shadow all that with made up stories and accusations about other things. This is what I think. If you really observe people around you, you'll see that people who always talks bad about other people are really a person who has nothing good to say about him/ herself.

I don't know Geert Wilders personally and I don't intend to. I think his name is self-explanatory. Scary.

Well Geert Wilders, I'm pretty sure that you hardly know Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. I'm also pretty sure that you hardly understand what's written in the Koran. So maybe you should take the initiative to understand. It's either that or you're just plain arrogant and ignorant. Because if you have understood, you would experience the ultimate level of peace they bring to the world, and to you. You need peace. You're a troubled person.

For a person who wants to be 'the new leader of the people', I don't think Geert Wilders understand the meaning of leadership. Instead of working towards harmony, he's chose chaos. For someone who's fighting for freedom, he's confused by the meaning. As most of us struggle to move forward in the meaning of freedom, he's taking a step back. It's terrifying to imagine a country with Geert Wilders as the leader.

I understand that Geert Wilders does not represent the whole of Netherland and there are still good people in Netherland that disagree with him. There are also so many non- muslims around the world that share the pain and anger that we muslims feel with the production of 'Fitna'. I thank you all for your support and understanding. Let us all strive together for peace of this world.

To Mr. Geert Wilders, get a life... and a religion. I seriously think that you need one. You have so many options to choose from and Islam is another good option for you. If only you realize it.

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