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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Too early to judge

Something I wrote at the airport last week.

It's time to go back to Homeland after a week at a neighbouring country. How much I miss Homeland, but I miss my mom even more. Can't wait to get home.

Homeland neighbour is similar to Homeland. The weather, the races of people, the religions and I suppose the culture. However, it's not the same. Something feels different. I've always had a bad impression about this Neighbour country. These bad impressions came with my own experiences and also from the stories of others. Not only from Homelanders. But also from the Neighbourers. So, my heart dropped a bit when I found out that I have to spend the next few months at Neighbour country.

In my opinion the thing that everybody will remember most about a country is the people. In my case, this is true. That's why, I believe anyone who has come to Homeland will always remember the kindness & friendliness of Homelanders and maybe, maybe also will never forget the drivers :) Before this, I always feel that Neighbourers are unfriendly. That was the impression I got with my previous visits.

But I guess, this bad impression is about to change after the few days I spent at Neighbour country this week.

I don't know what happened to Neighbour country since last year. People that I met this week were nice & friendly. I always received smiles and found myself involved with a friendly chats with the hotel receptions, taxi drivers, cashiers at the shops and even with people in the quiet office. What has changed?

Maybe people of Neighbour country has changed. Or, maybe I was the one who has changed. And maybe the way I look at things around me has changed. When we look at things from different angles, we tend to see different things. Whatever or whoever changed, I'm glad it changed for the better.

Well, a week is still too early to judge. But first impression matters doesn't it? I really hope this impression lasts... It sure will lift up my spirit.

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