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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sticks and stones

Ahhhh... the news I saw on ERL last week and suddenly triggered

What is the fuss about Iran and its uranium enrichment project?
This might sound wrong to some people, but... why Iran cannot
continue this project and some other countries already has nuclear
weapons? Are we so afraid that terrorists will use Iran to get
nuclear weapons until we overlooked that they might have already
getting it from some other countries?

I'm really getting tired of this issue. Mostly at around this time
when issues on Israel's violations of ceasefire and attacks on
Lebanon's civilians and Israel's actions of planting BOMB on
Lebanon's soil is being treated not even as secondary. Some people
somewhere need to get their priority right. Or maybe, their
priorities are already in order? Well, that scares me...

When will this world be free from wars? At the early of the 3rd
century, wars are blooming. Some people are so into it, even the
tiniest spark means an excuse to start an attack. I believe what
Einstein once said is true... if wars continue, one day we'll be
back fighting using sticks and stones.

Well, no need to crack your head about nuclear weapons people.
Make sure we have enough trees by that time.

In the process, it's sure good for the environment too.

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