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Monday, November 02, 2015

A beautiful day in KL...

My besties & I joined The Fabulous KL foodhunt last Saturday. It was fun to run around Kuala Lumpur, finding food to eat. I was lucky enough to get to eat a delicious Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara at Taman Melati. The dish was so yummy, I was sad that I had to eat it during a competition *sigh*.

Anyway, I actually want to share some beautiful photos of Kuala Lumpur that I captured on that day. KL was really beautiful since the early light until the late evening. I'm so glad that I was outside enjoying the beauty of it all...

Haze has subsided & the rain has become a frequent visitor this time of year... The sky is now cleared, the colour so blue not grey, it's mesmerizing. The sun can be stinging hot just before the cooling rain... 

My favorite view has always been the morning sky after the rainy night... 

All photos by me! Taken using Asus Zenfon2 with a bit of Instagram tweaking :)

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