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Friday, April 03, 2015

Ayo ke Jogja ~ 4WD at Merapi

Well, it was my first time riding along in a 4WD. Fortunately, it was such an awesome experience!
Our driver was a very polite and friendly young man. I didn't catch his name, but based on his name tag, it's IBENK. I hope I got that correctly and hopefully that's not his company's name or something... eiks!
I also didn't know for sure what is the cost of this activity because the price was already inclusive in our package and I never asked for an itemized bill. But, it was roughly IDR350,000 for a 2 hours ride.
I don't know all that for sure but what I do know is, you cannot miss this experience if you're ever in Jogja. They'll take you around in a 4WD around Mount Merapi (not to the top) and you'll get to see the after effect of Mount Merapi eruption in 2010. Lives were taken during the eruption, homes and possession lost, human endurance tested. After 5 years, the lands have started to flourish again.
You will also be taken on a ride full with 'free massages'. Heheheeee...

Our cool and friendly driver with the 4WD. He's so good at taking photos with 'Harry Potter flying on a broomstick' effect. I'm just saying in case you're interested in that kind of pose :) Find him... heheheee...

'Pesan Merapi', a message from Mount Merapi to the people who will be affected by its rage. To me, this shows how the people here are in understanding and at peace with the nature around them. And, there are always lessons to be learned from everything that happened.

Pesan Merapi:
Aku tidak suka mengalah  juga tidak ingin mengalahkan. Tetapi pasti sampai janjinya.
Cuma mohon maaf, kalau ada yang tertabrak, terseret dan terbawa hanyut, kebanjiran
atau tenggelam, karena menghalang-halangi yang akan kulewati.

How small we are when challenged by nature. Nothing much we can do when nature runs amok. We can just watch it passed by, be patient, pray and save enough love, courage and strength to face the aftermath.

A watch that shows the exact time of Mount Merapi eruption and everything that remains.


Top: The lava path during the eruption. The gorges are deep.
Bottom: There are 3 houses buried under this area.

The peak of Mount Merapi hidden behind the mist.

Who can imagined something so beautiful can cause such catastrophe. When it erupted, it brought agony with it. But, after it has calm down, the lands are fertile and the landscapes are breathtaking.

It takes, then it gives.

What choice that we have other than be at peace with and respect it?

A sticker on the jeep that captured my attention straightaway.
Right on!

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