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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunan Nanggroe Sang Kembara

I'm back with The Sunan fever! Kekekeeeee...

Ramlee Awang Murshid has done it again with a book that is hard to put down and I finished reading it in one weekend!

Although for me, 'Cinta Sang Ratu' is still the best in the series, 'Sunan Nanggroe Sang Kembara' also has a kick to it. It shows us how Sunan become the man that he is.. the challenges that he faced and how he overcame it. As usual... he's so cool, calm & collected about everything.

But, in this book, he's not The Man... Wali Sufi IS the man :)

What am I babbling about? Just go get the book & read it.

P/S: I wish for this book to be translated into all languages so I can share this Sunan madness with the world!


Macedonia said...

>____< ahhhhhh (screaming)
i love all the series soooo much
yaa agree with you, they should translate it into many language haha.(so i could share it to the world)

hehe wali sufi is the man haha
suatu hari nanti, insya Allah, kita akan ke sana bersama2. "kita"...he start to use "kita" not "aku" anymore. learn from wali sufi rupanya.

The Sometimes Speechless said...

itu leee... ohsem pak wali sufi itu... patut le anak didiknya ohsem berganda... kekekeee...

i want this sunan series to be made into movies, tapi... kupikir2, takde pun pelakon yg layak nak jadi saifudin... sunan apatah lagi... *sad*