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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hearing it all...

Anyone watched Pak Lah on TV last night? I didn’t, on purpose. Never liked political discussions. I stopped paying much attention to politics since what happened to DPM in the 1990s.

Anyway, I read ‘Hearing it all from Pak Lah’ on NST today. He has answered a lot of questions. On the 9PM, on his image, on his governing style, etc, etc… u should catch it. It’s on page 6-7 of Prime News.

Quoting Pak Lah’s answers…

‘People say I’m doing all these because of Khairy. After struggling in politics for years and having climbed the mountain to become Prime Minister, can I simply hand over to him. How can I do this?’

…he has a point that I can understand.

‘Just give me time… if I take the field in a football game, and after 10 minutes, I am judged for my performance, how can that be?’

… ok boss. Just don’t take toooo long.

As for me, my personal opinion towards Pak Lah has changed. I’ve grown to have more respect for him. I think he’s doing great as a PM. He’s a bit soft, but he has proven that he’s firm. And I like the way he’s balancing material and moral development. That’s what we want as we’re approaching our vision right? So, I can see our country growing under his governance.

Be reminded that our perceptions of his answers are ‘a matter of opinion’. Read it with an open mind, then perhaps we’ll be able to get to a sound conclusion.

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mars said...

Tuan Puteri,
Good writing! Keep it up. Rajin-rajin laa update blog : )