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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today, there's a technical problem with Putra LRT. From end-to-end, which is from Kelana Jaya to Terminal Putra, passengers had to transit three times. Once at Pasar Seni station, second at Kampung Baru station & finally at Damai station. Throughout the journey only one track was used.

So, for example if you're going to KLCC from Kelana Jaya. First, take the train from Kelana Jaya, disembark at Pasar Seni station. Do not change platform... you just wait for a train coming from Masjid Jame'. Then take that train and stop at Kampung Baru Station. Disembark there and do not change platform. Wait until a train coming from KLCC arrived and take that train. It will take you to your destination. Waiting time for each transit, not so short... quite long. Well, only one track was operational. Imagine that.

But actually, I'm not here to complaint. This entry is more of a suggestion for improvement. Something that RapidKL should pay attention to, you know, to make their service literally rapid :)

Why am I not complaining? Hmmm... basically because there haven't been much technical problems with Putra LRT lately. I remember that it used to be at least once a month. But right now the service has improved much and with the 4 coaches trains... the rides have become smoother. Although if I'm not mistaken there are two incidents in July... Nevertheless, problems happen.  I'm sure they tried hard with the proper maintenance. So, I'm ok with that as long as  these technical problems do not happen frequently.

Another reason why I am not complaining is because all the other passengers were cool. I'm quite impressed with my fellow LRT riders today. None of us complained loudly nor whining nor cursing. In fact, I saw a lot of us laughing and joking about the situation. Our attitudes definitely helped us through the long waiting... and the strong air-cond inside the train definitely helped us who felt like sardines in a can :)

Plus, I had fun chatting with strangers and a family from Oman. I'm sure those children and their parents would tell their friends about this little adventure that they experienced in Malaysia. Luckily, there's a cool young lady (me *wink*) who helped them throughout the whole confusions... heheheeeee... 

Ok... what is it that RapidKL need to improve if I hardly have any complaint?



To RapidKL, referring to today's incident, here I highlight the points where the clear & efficient communications should have been carried out:
  1. At the entrance of all the stations - we do not need to find  out that the train is delayed only after we have bought the ticket and already waiting at the platform. If we have been informed up-front about the delay, we could decide whether we want to proceed to the platform or look for another mean of transportation. All this while, this is what happened.
  2. Inside the train - please tell us, the passengers what is going on. Most of the passengers inside the train did not know that they were suppose to disembark at certain station. Some end up going back to where they were coming from. For your information, the announcements that were made can hardly be heard and most of the times the voice of the person were so soft, unclear, unsure and insincere. So, I would suggest training and an upgrade to the speakers inside the coaches. If you don't believe me, you can try it out. See whether you can hear those 'romantic' announcements inside a more than a crowded train.
  3. At the platforms - the incident this evening, there were hardly any Putra LRT staff at the stations, especially at the transit stations to inform the passengers which train is coming from where & going to which direction. Where were you guysssssss???? That was the time which is crucial for customer service to be around to help. I mean, come on! Isn't this basic?
  4. The pre-recorded announcement - 'Tren dijangka tiba lewat... kami memohon maaf...' not what we wanted to hear, at least not what I want to hear repeatedly. We're not expecting the train to be late because it is already late. We don't want to hear apology over and over. We want to know what is going on, what is being done, what are the instructions, which train is going where and at which platform should we wait... and we want to know that you actually care, ok :)

Another thing about the operation this evening... the train from Kelana Jaya kept coming, all the people disembarked and crowded the Pasar Seni Station but no train coming from Masjid Jame'. Up to a point when the train from Kelana Jaya heading back to Kelana Jaya, empty and we were all stucked at the platform. In my opinion, this is not a good strategy.

Ok, I guess that's all. I'll email these suggestions to suggest@rapidkl tomorrow. I don't think I can bear another round of technical problem followed by a bad communication by them.

Before I end this, to all RapidKL passengers... FYI, technical problem is a very good time to pay attention. Bad for reading books, listening to music or sleep pretending like 'I have no time for this madness'. Unless you intentionally want to go around in circles.

Impressed with KLians (is there such a word?) today, signing out.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Enough...

I came across this news while browsing last week.
The idea really stuck in my head especially when I saw how nicely it was done.
This is something that I would like to have... but, perhaps a little bit bigger, with a better plumbing system and a small beautiful lawn around it.

Sometimes we just forget that there is a big power in simplicity...

Friday, July 09, 2010

Something Weird in Football...

Well, obviously I'm still in '2010 World Cup' fever... heheheee... Even though Germany had lost 0-1 to Spain in the semi-final * so sad*

It's okay darlings! You guys can try again in the next World Cup. Hopefully Schweinsteiger, Podolski & Oezil will still be in the next WC... Brazil 2014! Schweini & Oezil --> I hope one of you will get the 'Golden Ball' even though the nomination list is full of tough contenders.

Anyway, since I'm still in WC fever, I went to browse for WC and football clips on Youtube. There is a pattern that I noticed in all the games. Things that men do on the fields that I would personally thought disturbing if I saw them anywhere else, outside of the fields.

So, is it only me or it is totally okay for men to do an a** slapping, a** grabbing, kissing (on the cheeks or on the lips), hugging (or a little bit more), holding hands, whisper in each other ears, etc etc when they are on the fields? In the name of the spirits of the sport, it looked totally okay for them to do that. Sometimes, they even do it in front of the cameras or during interviews, but to me, they don't look gay at all :)

This is something that I found really weird. But somehow, it's cool... hihihiii... They are still men... macho men. They are only showing us the 'girly' part of them *wink*

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks this way... waka waka waka *WC 2010 laugh*

If you don't get what I mean, you can have a preview... follow this link:

Have a look (perhaps, have a laugh? *wink*) and tell me if I'm wrong... hahahaaaaa...


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Let's talk about...


I'm not much of a football fan... in fact I hardly watch any sports on tv. Except when my country is playing... or if it's an Olympics... who wants to miss the Olympics? I love Olympics!

So, why do I suddenly want to talk about WORLD CUP 2010 when my country is not yet in it? *sigh*

Well... it is because tonight Germany beat Argentina 4-0! Yeah baby!!!

So this entry is a tribute to two of Germany's BEST players in tonight's game... Bastian Schweinsteiger & Lukas Podolski. You guys rocked! The way you guys passed the ball to the front of the goal post, OMG! So precise, perfect timing, great strategy!

Bastian Schweinsteiger & Lukas Podolski. (Pic from

But, actually the whole Germany's football team played very well. The goalkeeper, the defenders, the midfielders & the forwards. The defenders specifically, did a very, very good job *applause*

Old pic of the Germany team. Kahn on the left, Ballack on the right...
I likeeee...
Pic from

So, why do I support Germany?

Because I was so impressed with Oliver Kahn in World Cup 2002!

King Kahn: The only goalkeeper in the history of football to win the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball (in World Cup 2002) (Pic from

Hopefully, Germany will be in the final... andddd...


Ok, enough already... nite nite...