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Friday, December 15, 2006

10% Fiction

Today is my last day of confinement after giving birth to my 3rd child. A beautiful baby girl. Tomorrow I'll be going home in KL. After 2 months at my parents' house, I can't wait to go back home. I wonder how it looks like without me? My husband won't be able to keep it clean, neat and tidy all by himself. He rarely had a chance to call or visit me within these 2 months. He's occupied with work. Furthermore, he just got promoted, so he must be very busy now. Aaaahhh... I just can't wait to be home.

But the truth is, I'm the only one missing home, missing my husband. The truth is my husband doesn't miss me at all. The truth is my husband is seeing another woman. The truth is right now, my husband is in love with another woman. And, the final truth, my husband doesn't want me anymore.

When I got home, there's not even a welcoming smile from my husband for me. If it were not for my children, I don't think my husband would have smiled at all. You have to know that my parents sent me and my children home. No, my husband did not picked us up. After a few days at home, I sensed that something was wrong. It's all different, my husband I meant. But I figured it's just my imagination. I was in denial. That was when it all came to me.

I remember it perfectly. It was Friday night. My children and I were relaxing at the living room, watching cartoon. My husband just came back from work. The moment he stepped into the house and see my face, he looked disgusted. I knew it... then he said it...

"I don't want you anymore, I don't love you anymore. You can pack up your things and go back to your parents' house. You can bring the kids with you if you want. You can take the car. Go get yourself a job or even a new husband. I might get a new wife for myself".


Do you think I can become a good fiction writer? Maybe yeah?

Unfortunately the story I wrote above is only 10% fiction. It's actually based on a true story that happened to someone I know quite closely. I'm telling you, I am very upset and angry hearing this kind of news. It's a mixed feelings. So, I'm not sure which part of the feelings that made me upset the most.

Is it the part where the husband doesn't LOVE the wife anymore?

Is it the part where the husband doesn't WANT the wife anymore?

Is it the part where the husband is IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER WOMAN?

No, no, no... what made me most upset is what the husband said to his wife. It's a total INSULT and I believe he thinks that a woman has no sense of self worth. I wish I was there when he said that to his wife. I'm not really sure what I would do to him, but most probably I'll teach him a few lessons... if you know what I mean ;)

For the wife and children, I really hope things turn out well for you guys.

For the husband, I hope you get what you're asking for. What goes around comes around anyway. Maybe you don't have anything to lose.