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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Become a housewife?

Just now, from the ride back from work, a friend asked me what is it that I really want to do. I hesitated for a while coz there is another thing that I really want to do. Then, suddenly another friend blurted out ‘housewife’ and to my own surprise, I said 'Yes!'

It shocked me as well as my friends. They were all guys. Maybe this is the first time that they heard that a woman in this ‘modern’ days wants to become a housewife. But as far as I knew, most of my lady friends want to become a housewife. I’ve heard most of them wishing that they can just spend time at home taking care of their family and doing house chores. Some of them are already happily living the life that they’ve dreamed of. Is this shocking? It shouldn’t be.

But of course, I, as a modern woman have a different definition on how to be a housewife. The first condition is a very reliable husband and secondly, financially secured. The first condition is important so that I know I’m doing what’s worth and the second one is important as a backup plan.

One question lingers in my mind. Nowadays, is it even possible to become a housewife in a ‘modern woman’ definition?