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Sunday, October 18, 2015

From my garden...

Hi Guys,

I've started gardening since the last AidilFitri. My first plant, a pomegranate plant. Mainly because there are so many advantages of pomegranates and they are so expensive in the market. So, I figured why not try to grow one. So I bought a small plant when I was back at my Grandma's house. And I checked yesterday, there is already one bud. I'm so psyched! I hope it will grow into a big healthy fruit.

Since I started gardening, I've started to realize things that I never realized before.
Have you ever seen the fruit or the flower of a curry plant? If you haven't, they look like pictures below.

In the spirit of becoming the true nature lover, I started to plant a few more flower & decorative plants. Now my lawn looks much greener, lovelier and prettier!

I've also planted a few more plants that my mother can use in her cooking. I have turmeric plant, Daun Kesum (the ones that we usually put in laksa) and kaffir lime. We already have lemongrass & pandan leaves growing healthily at home even before my gardening madness started.

I've failed a few times at planting ginger from it's root (or rhizome) so I paid no attention to last root that I planted. But almost after a month of ignoring it, I finally saw a leave coming out from it! I'm so happy!

All these while, I thought I don't have the green fingers. I mean, why should I think that because all the plants that I tried planting before ended up dead... even cactus! But now, seeing all the plants striving despite the hazy season, I finally realized something...

You don't really need green fingers to become good at gardening. I don't think it depends on 'luck'. It requires some work, consistency, persistency, caring and love... About the same with other things in life, wouldn't you agree?

I do talk to my plants & kiss them after I came home from work. Hehehehee... If you can see how beautiful they are, you'll kiss them too!

Next project, trying to grow some parsley... I have failed a few times at this. *sigh*