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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ayo ke Jogja - Etc

Hi Guys,

I have really put off my trip to Jogja's stories & photos. So I'm going to put a summary here. If you want to know anything, you can leave a comment. I'll reply (if you want me to email you, please leave your email address). I definitely recommend our tour guide (Dwi - he's so funny!) & driver (Dayu - such a careful driver). Dwi's phone number is on the photo.

It's always the people we travels with or met who made our trip a memorable one.

If you're looking for another option, one travel agent (Jati Wijaya) did leave his contact details at my Merapi post. You can contact them to find out further.

What I can tell you is, our trip to Jogja was amazing. I went to Jogja to see BOROBUDUR but really Dieng was the place that I like most. I wish to go there again someday. It's on the highland, it's very cold and it's filled with potato plantations. If you went to Sikidang, do try the boiled eggs. I think the eggs were delicious! The Keraton Palace felt so peaceful and Indrayanti beach really made me regret not bringing extra clothes. The clear cold water, the open sea... amazing! But the waves were high! I'm not used to it :)

Enjoy the photos!

Ayolah ke Jogja!

Would I Survive a Bear Attack?

I watched this program on NatGeo last week, 'So You Think You'd Survive?' What would you do when faced with a certain situation & they provided 3 options for you to choose.

Its fun, like taking a personality quiz, testing my knowledge on life. So, I happily played along.
Then, one situation was presented.

What would you do when you're confronted by a black bear?

Looking at the options given, I know I had to go with C. Not because I'm a well trained black belt karate master or a kungfu shifu, but because I'm the worst at both running and climbing a tree. I run for like 100m and that's it. Climbing trees? Forget it... NO, thank you!

Therefore, I can only go with C... because I do have skills in making a lot of noises and I always imagined myself fighting like Bruce Lee with his one inch punch.. heheh...

With my unfit physical, I have to stand my ground and prepare to fight if I'm confronted by a black bear...

But, look at the correct answer!

Looks like my physical weakness is working to my advantage this time.. yeee haaaaa... Maybe I won't hurt the bear much, but the bear definitely will have sore ears.

So now you know what to do when confronted by a bear. 

Enough rambling for today...
Hopefully this will be a good enough warm up for me after not writing for so long.

Take care y'alls. 
Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri! Maaf Zahir & Batin!