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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mossy Forest @ Cameron Highland

I felt like I was in the LOTR movie! Why didn't they shoot the movie in this location?! Mossy Forest is amazing!

First thing first... I went to Mossi Forest on May,2013.
Why didn't I write about it here? How could I missed it?! How could I?!


Anyway, if you plan or by chance went to Cameron Highland, please... pleaseeeee do not miss the opportunity to explore the Mossy Forest. We followed a travel agent there. Naturally, the agent thought we were foreigners, because local wouldn't need a guide (despite my face yang memang confirm la Melayu kannnnn... although, there were incidents where people in China thought I was Chinese... so, the agent have a good reason to doubt my ethnicity).

Sorry bro... I jarang- jarang masuk hutan. Takut nak masuk sendiri- sendiri... ngeeee...

So, back to Mossy Forest.

Eh, you can read about it here lah...

I only want to share the pictures we took of the marvelous time we had there...
Our guide, Michael... betul bro... memang best tempat ni. I agree with you :)
You'll be standing on 2000 M above sea level...
On the border of Pahang and Perak...

Overlooking this view... aaaaa... niceeee...

... and on the path, you'll be experiencing these...

This could be a good movie location right? LOTR, The Hobbit, Indiana Jones... Pirates of the Caribbean (although we are not in the Caribbean...) Who cares?!

Frodo and Sam could rest here... and enjoy more of their special Lembas bread :P

Sharing the fun with some tourists from China... good times are better shared right?

We took off our shoes to experience the mossiness of Mossy Forest. Plus, it's more fun that way... But, some ang mo looked at us in disgust... errrrr... come on la bro! But didn't mind them... it was obvious that we were having much more fun... wayyyyy much :)

If you went for a walk in Mossy Forest, take off your shoes... the ground was soft and mushy and wet and cold... kekekeeeee...

Luckily, we had no incident with the local fauna :P



Ciao y'alls! Have an inspired day tomorrow!

See you guys next time!