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Monday, March 03, 2014

Paragliding @ Jugra... such an awesome experience!

Y'alls! I went paragliding today!
Such an awesome experience. So, so awesome. Loved it!

I'm sooooo like a little girl with a maximum level of sugar overdosed :P
Feeling so happy and excited and accomplished after my first and second paragliding experience today.

I went with my friend, Siti who is such an adventurous girl. She's done this before and she was so sweet to come & support me on my first try. But, she ended up doing it, again...

See... paragliding can be addictive :P

That's my buddy, Siti... flying... niceeee...
The feelings? Mixed... Excited, nervous (of course...), confident, happy... and nervous... again... and again... hahahaaa... I'm not trying to scare you guys. I'm just being honest... ngeeee...

Luckily I have been mentally prepared, so I was not as nervous as I usually would be. Phewwww...

That's me... in the air.. yippeeeeee...

And if you look carefully at the picture, the people on the ground, they are actually rescuing someone who had an incident during his take-off. That definitely added to my nervousness...

But still, I did the paragliding twice.

Told you it can be addictive.

Flying tandem with Captain Ikhwan :) You can't be thinking that I was flying solo :P
I highly recommend flying tandem with Captain Ikhwan... but other guides (not sure if that's what they are called) are qualified too.

So, if you have been thinking of doing paragliding, or thinking of doing something different and awesome, or craving for some adrenalin rush... or simply looking for a simple yet awesome adventure, just head off to the Paragliding Flight Park @ Jugra.

I hope you'll have an awesome experience... Just like I did!

Awesome is my favourite word of the day.

Coz, everything IS awesome!


Nite nite y'alls! I wish you guys a wonderful day, everyday!