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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Egypt & The War on Democracy

Sad sad news I received today...

Source: Al-Jazeera -->
 I can't say much... I'm not a politician nor a political observer... I hardly watch news to avoid breaking my heart. I'm more calm staying under my peaceful 'coconut shell'. Peeking out once in a while just to get some updates from the world around me... Then, when the news starting to break my heart again, I quickly get back under the coconut shell.

But, despite my once in a while peeking, all the news that I received of President Mohamed Morsi, are all good news. An Islamic leader from Ikhawanul Muslimin... an educated person, a president with a humble and sincere heart... so as his wife & children...

How come people refused to have this kind of person as their president?

This is sick!

What happened to Egypt today, reminded me of a documentary by John Pilger entitled 'The War on Democracy'. You have to watch this documentary.


The same thing has happened before to Hugo Chavez... but at that time, the people of Venezuela had gotten back the President that they elected via a democracy process, even after a coup.

To President Morsi, his families, all his cabinet members and the people of Egypt who had elected him, keep praying. Allah is always with those who are defending the truth.

And in the end, the truth will prevail.

Do not forget to pray for the safety & unity of all our fellow Muslims, where ever we all are.