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Friday, December 07, 2012

2 interesting blogs --> definitely a must visit!

At times, boredom has its own advantages. Bloghopping that is... :)

I found this interesting blog while hopping around the net -->

It's written by Hannah, an American exchange student, now in Ipoh. I love reading her blog because she reminds me of how wonderful my country is. Plus, I got to see my country in different perspectives  through a young foreigner's eyes. The way I read it, to Hannah everyday in Malaysia is an adventure. I smiled everytime I read her blog entries... my favorite would be the listings of her likes & dislikes in Malaysia.

You guys should go & read her blog... It's amusing :)


Another one is a photoblog of a well known photographer. You'll be amazed by the photos he captured.

I wish I can be a photographer like him...
Travel around the world... capture amazing sceneries, events, potrait... and share it with the world...

So nice...


Oppsss... back to reality now. Off to meeting Miss Anastasia!

Life of Pi... here we come!


* In Malay

Assalamualaikum y'alls! Apa khabar semua? Sihat ke? Semoga kita semua didalam sihat & sejahteralah hendaknya ye. Dah lama rasanya Miss Speechless tak menulis ni... sibuk sangat agaknya sampai idea- idea yang ada semuanya terperosok dalam kepala... tak dapat nak keluarkan...

Bosan sungguh sibuk ni kan... I tak suker :P

Apa- apa pun... tajuk tajuk yang nak ditulis dah saved in draft, supaya tak lupa semua idea- idea tu... Mudah- mudahan weekend ni ada masa nak pulun tulis semua sekali.  Excited ni...

Been so long since Miss Speechless in writing stance :P *skipping*

p/s: syok dapat luahkan perasaan dalam bahasa ibunda ni... heheheee... tapi, mesej tak dapat disampaikan secara global. takpelah... entry yang ni tak penting pun :)

See you guys soon! (I hope!)